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Working as a Cyber Security Professional in IT industry is little different from working in other IT domains. As a security professional, the person should know about Networking, Operating System, Programming Languages and a world of Web. Because, all of these things collectively help a person to become a better IT security Professional.

So, do you want to work as a Cyber Security Professional?

Working as a Cyber Security Professional is not that easy or ‘COOL’ as it sound. It requires many skills and wide knowledge of IT technologies and techniques. Don’t feel bad if you don’t have them, time is the key for everything. You can learn all the techniques by perusing our Basic to Advance Ethical Hacking program. Please read the basic guidelines or fundamental skills that need to become a great Cyber Security Professional as mention below.

To become an ethical hacker, it is extremely important to develop linux skills. Most of the tools used by attackers and penetration testers are developed for Linux. A good hacker always research about the security measures like firewall, IDS & IPS and SSL to find a weakness.

To be a good Cyber Security Professional you need to push yourself to learn new things and have a problem solving attitude. Because, along with all these computer skills the successful hacker must have some intangible skills.

I hope this will help you to learn Ethical Hacking in most effective way.